Official Trailer

The Antwerp Dolls

Ruthless businessman Tommy Callaghan orders two of his most trusted couriers to collect a locked case - the contents of which he hopes will forge a powerful alliance with a mysterious new mafia force from Belgium. The consignment however is intercepted by Callaghan's disgruntled former Protegees, seeking revenge on their corrupt ex boss. When Callaghan's men change their game plan in response, a destructive vortex of violence and double dealing ensues, leaving Callaghan in a deadly race against time - forced to use any means necessary to save his crumbling empire.

Director: Jake L. Reid
Writer: Jake L. Reid
Producer: Josh Llewellyn & Jake L. Reid
Composer: Josh Wynter
Cinematographer: Mike Marchlewski
Editor: Josie Granger

An old school businessman. Tommy Callaghan's business empire is slowly declining but he will do anything to stay on top. To him murder is simply a business transaction.

Head of corporate security for the Ferrino brothers.

Ex military. Steve was court martialled from the army as a result of his violent nature. Struggling with multiple addictions and ruing the loss of his fiancé, Steve has become a loyal enforcer to the Barbershop Boys where his skills are put to effective use.

Little is known about this property tycoons origins but many believe that his roots lie in organised crime. Although claiming to be from Belgium, his international portfolio and bi-lingual abilities make it difficult to pin point his nationality.

Younger brother of Ray whom he created an empire with. However, Max's volatile nature has seen him take more of a backseat when it comes to business dealings.

A loner and a drifter. Corey fell into organised crime as his prospects of succeeding legitimately were limited. May be more to him than meets the eye.

Wild and juvenile. Spacey is best friends with Blacks and works on all jobs with him. However, his mouth can talk him into a lot of trouble.

Beautiful and dangerous, Jane is the ultimate femme fatale. Although she has revenge on the mind, behind her broken exterior their is lost little girl at heart.

Cool and enigmatic. Blacks works as a courier for Tommy Callaghan whom he has a long history with as a result of his father being close friends with him. Used to steal cars for a living but is climbing up the criminal ladder fast.